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Web Solutions is expert in development of "Web Based Solutions" for small, medium and large companies, ministries or other ogranisations from different branches.

With our own developed solutions and products based on®s "bCore" Technology we can solve every request of our customers. All solutions and products are fully flexible and individualized for you and your business. A lot of additonial branch modules makes an extension of your product possible at every time.

Webbased Sectorial Solutions:

The development of individual sectorial solutions within the World Wide Web represents one of the markets with extremely high potential at global level. Enterprises need flexible software solutions accessible via internet browser by every personal computer. The advantage of these solutions consists in the fact that data are stored in a centralised way on one web server only and no software has to be installed.
With our basic products "bCMS" and "bCRM" we offer solutions which can easily be adapted to costumers needs and may be upgraded anytime.
Some of our solutions:

- Central Automobile Car Configurator for appointed dealers with individual dealer section
- Used Car Databases
- Horse Racing Management System with multiple track support
- D-Star Education Management and Rating System for schools
- Online Monitoring System for road and infrastructure development
- Real Estate Databases with administration by real estate agents
- Customer Support System
- Customer Investment Portfolio with account calculation, Asset Management
- Events Administration with exhibitor intranet and visitors section, internal communication section
- Cheque and Payroll Administration System for purchaser groups and cities
- Administration Systems for Human Resource Management
- Clearing and Logistic System for shops covering orders, deliveries, spare parts, etc.
- Project Management Systems with customer and data exchange section
- Sales order purchase management system
- Billing, Invoicing systems with customer extranet
- Document Management Systems
- Virtual Airport Booking engine
- Hotel Management and Reservation System
- Contact Management System
- E-Shops
- ...

By means of these two products we are able to develop software products covering all customer needs and expectations; the software will then be made accessible online to the customer\'s employees or its clients.
Additionally offers support and maintenance during planning and development of the final solution.

Websites, Portals, Communities, Mobile Applications

One of our main focus areas are standard solutions, as for example websites, online portals, online communities and mobile applications. We offer these solutions in a variety of licences by means of "bCMS" including a comprehensive administration system for websites of small or lager size, portals and communities for every sector of activity.
Every defined user of the system will be able to use and maintenance the website content in simple and intuitive steps in real time - with no need for special training to use the system.

Our system solution covers 25 additional modules (press section, download section, blog, shop system, product configurator, image gallery, event administration, etc.) with profitable opportunities for a professional company website.

Further additional modules may be developed for each customer independently of the respective sector of activity. "bCMS" is available as light and premium version in standard and multiple prepared special editions. All editions may be used in multiple languages.


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