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Hosting and Domain Services

Via our Hosting Services Services & Trading is able to use own existing server infrastructure of in our data centres located in Germany thus offering nearly maintenance and administration free additional services for our new customers in Qatar and the Middle East.

All our customers willing to operate services or websites in the world wide web need online storage and internet domains. International domains (.com, . net, .org, ...) can be registered real time via, while national domains, as for example,,, are registered via local registrars, e.g. Qtel, and will be connected to our servers in a second step. works as international Internet Service Provider (ISP) for many small-, mid- and large sized business customers in a big variety of solutions for standard and high-end hosting services.

Our webservers are located in 2 different Datacenters in Germany on Tier 3 networks (fastest) .
This servers are fully managed and monitored 24h x 7 days by our server technicians.

In Munich we have located our webservers for small and medium business customers.
(Website solutions, Online Shops, Small Business solutions and Communities, Domain and E-Mail Services)
This standard hosting solutions are very flexible for customers who want to have a professional presence on the web. They are also scalable with web- and mailspace everytime when the solution is growing.

In Cologne we have located our webservers for large sized business customers.
(Very large communities and portals, High sensitive business solutions with high data and traffic amounts)
Special solutions with Database Servers, Firewalls, Cloud Hosting, Cluster Management, Load Balancing Systems.
This Premium hosting solutions are specially designed for customers individual needs and are highly scalable.

Our customers also can choose between different server operating systems (Unix-, Windows based).

Since 2010 is also in partnership with Microsoft Hosted Online Services to deliver to our customers outsourced Exchange E-Mail-, Sharepoint- and Office Communication Server solutions.
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